• Proximity
    Montpellier and its region

    SENZO CONSEIL is made up of specialists bringing together all the different aspects of personal asset management: real estate, finance, investments, management...

    We work on these themes mainly in Montpellier and its region.

  • Independence

    We are totally independent from all of our financial and real estate partners.

    We select the products most suited to your needs and desires.

  • Advice

    Specialists with recognised know how accompany you throughout your project.

    Statut CIF Conseiller en Investissements Financiers
    Membre de l'ANACOFI Association Nationale des Conseils Financiers
    IOBSP Intermédiaire en Opération Bancaires et Services de Paiement
    ORIAS Registre unique des Intermédiaires en Assurances, Banque et Finance
    MEMBRE DE LA FNAIM Fédération Nationale de l'Immobilier
    MEMBRE DE GALIAN Garantie Financière Cautions Assurances et Courtage
  • Support

    Our group comprises three agencies covering all aspects of wealth and real estate management: Advice, Real Estate Transactions, Financing, Investments, Taxes and Management.

    We will be by your sides throughout your project.

  • Reactivity

    Our team of specialists will get back to you in under 24h.

    For your finance needs, we guaranty an answer within 48h.

Investments, Real Estate, Financing, Retirement, Taxes

The Senzo Expertise

Real Estate

Real estate investment is essential when building diversified and balanced assets.

Be it the preparation of your first project, buying to rent, retirement preparation, buying a second home, or anticipating your children’s needs, Senzo proposes a wide range of properties and offers bespoke advice.

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Tax Exemption

Tax exemption: The Great Debate.
How to pay less tax, build wealth, a capital, and prepare for retirement through wise investment

What are the safest tax exemption investments most appropriate to your needs? Financial or real estate investments, are you unsure? Come and talk to us...

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Today, which investment to choose?
What are my assets, my short, mid and long-term objectives, my liquidity needs...?
Live insurance, PERP, Madelin, PEA, FIP, SCPI...

Which investments according to risk level, level of return, amount invested...

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What is a financial broker? What does he do? Do I need one?
Buying your home, buy to rent, debt consolidation, treasury mortgage loan, business financing, CVA buyback...

Each project is different, you are unique, take the initiative de meet us and explain your needs...

  • Lesson 1: reduce your income tax by using the Pinel law
  • Lesson 2 : Reduce your tax using Property Deficit
  • Lesson 3 : Furnished Rental, a different way to invest in real estate
  • Lesson 4 : Malraux law 2015, tax reduction and local heritage

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